Client Testimonials

Freeway Gordon, one loved dog

Dr Kuty is amazing! Our 13-year-old dog, Freeway, suffered a stroke a couple of weeks ago, and we knew that it was time to euthanize him. I wanted to find a vet who could come out to our house that same day, and so I started calling around; Dr Kuty was the one who returned my blubbering and incoherent phone call. Since I had not used Dr Kuty's services prior to this, I didn't know what to expect. I ended up feeling that I could not have made a better choice for Freeway (and for me). As all dog lovers know, there is nothing more difficult than saying goodbye to a beloved friend, and Dr Kuty helped ease the transition. She was warm, kind, compassionate; she didn't rush us; she gave us all the time and space we needed to say our goodbyes; she explained every step of the process; and she was of course incredibly gentle with Freeway.  Freeway showed no signs of stress, nervousenss, confusion; he just went to sleep, in his own home, on his own bed. Thank you, Dr Kuty, for making the unbearable bearable. You have my deepest respect and admiration.


Jane Gordon

Boulder Creek, CA

In January 2019 we called Dr. Maria Kuty because our poor Keke boy was suffering from illness. We received a phone call back from Dr. Kuty the same day, and she said she can come the following day to peacefully put Keke to sleep. She thoroughlly explained to us how the euthanasia procedure would go,and ensured us Keke would not feel any pain or suffer during the process.
She first put in an injection to put him unconscious, and she made sure by touching him that he was completely uncousious before giving him the final injection.
She made us all at ease and Keke had a smooth transition to the rainbow bridge on his favorite spot in the living room on the couch.
To take Keke to the car to have him transported for cremation,she put him in a wooden bed with a blanket,he looked so peaceful.
In August 2019, my 19 year old cat Tabitha was suffering from illness,and we contacted Dr. Maria Kuty because we knew we would be in good hands! Tabitha peacefully transitioned to The Rainbow Bridge on her favorite spot on my bed.
Dr. Maria Kuty understands that our fur babies aren't just an animal, but family members that we love and adore so very much.
Thank you SO much Dr. Kuty for doing what you do, you are awesome and we are so greatful for you!

Diana S.

Oct 9, 2019

Over the years as a pet parent, I have come to appreciate the option of euthanasia as a merciful release, though an incredibly difficult decision to make. I was not aware of the option to have euthanasia performed at my home until January 22nd of 2018, when my precious cat Whiskers was in the final stages of kidney disease, a battle he fought long and hard. Whiskers had spent an incredible amount of time seeing vet specialists. Needless to say, our trips to the vet were his least favorite thing in the world. On this fateful day, I knew in my heart that my fur baby might not make it back home from the vet this time. I did NOT want the vet's office to be the last place he saw.

I believe God heard my frantic prayers that morning, when I happened upon the website for "At Home, At Rest" and the benevolent Dr. Kuty. That same afternoon, Dr. Kuty came to my home, and my husband and I knew instantly from her kind, loving and empathetic demeanor, that she was a Godsend. I honestly don't know how I would have made it through that painful day without her. With a gentle and caring manner, Dr. Kuty helped my fur baby leave this world with dignity, knowing he was dearly loved.

Sadly, on April 1st of 2019, my sweet 12 year old cat, Ebony, was losing his valiant fight with lymphoma. I didn't even have to think twice- I knew I needed to have Dr. Kuty come once again to our home and help us through yet another heartbreaking journey. In her calm, loving and comforting way, Dr. Kuty helped us all through yet another devastating day.

As my husband and I struggle to come to grips with the loss of two beloved family members, it's difficult not to think of the things we could have done differently. The one single bright memory on each of those two anguished days, is that of Dr. Kuty. Dr. Kuty handled both of my fur babies with genuine compassion. She respectfully and calmly explained the process to us before each step, taking the time to make sure our babies and us were comfortable.  I believe God puts angels on this earth to help us get through very difficult times . . .  Dr. Kuty is one of those special angels.

My husband and I honestly can't imagine having to say goodbye to another one of our fur babies without Dr. Kuty by our side.

Amanda Rivas    

June 22, 2019

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